Vera Ferguson

5 Signs of a Sewer Line Blockage

Blocked drains are a common household problem, but sometimes the source of the problem lies deeper than the pipe that serves a single sink or toilet. Sometimes, a blockage in the main sewer line that takes waste away from your property can cause drains in the home to drain slowly or back up completely. Here are a few key signs to watch out for that can signal this kind of blockage. Read More 

How to Select the Best Water Tank Pump for Your Home

When you need to purchase a pressure pump for your home or garden, then there are at least three things which you must consider before making your choice. If you don't answer these questions and plan properly, it's quite possible that the pump you purchase may not be able to work in the way you expect and you will need to replace it. The three issues which you must consider are the following: Read More 

3 Modern Water Leak Detection Solutions for Residential Homes

Water leak detection is vital to the success of water systems today. Leaks that go undetected can cause immeasurable damage to property. Thanks to advancements in technology, one can easily detect leaks with little to no physical effort. However, things weren't always like that. The earliest methods used in detecting plumbing leaks were visual inspections, which weren't effective as some leaks occurred in hidden piping fixtures. Today, various modern solutions have made leak detection easy and efficient. Read More 

How Does Dishwashing Soap Unclog a Blocked Kitchen Sink?

 If your kitchen sink isn't draining as quickly as usual, then it's worth trying a homemade remedy before you do anything else. Sometimes, dishwashing soap is your best mate here — this soap can combat some minor clogs. How does dishwashing soap work on blocked kitchen drains and what kinds of blockages can it handle? How Dishwashing Soap Unclogs Sinks Dishwashing soap contains specific ingredients that target grease like detergents and surfactants. Read More 

Tell-Tale Signs of a Water Line Leak

When you start to notice that your water usage is creeping upwards, there's a chance you may have a water line leak. Leaks can soon become problematic, especially when you don't deal with them promptly. By understanding some of the signs of a leak, you can act fast and save your property from structural damage. Random Wet Spots One of the more obvious signs of a water leak is random wet spots. Read More