Tell-Tale Signs of a Water Line Leak

When you start to notice that your water usage is creeping upwards, there's a chance you may have a water line leak. Leaks can soon become problematic, especially when you don't deal with them promptly. By understanding some of the signs of a leak, you can act fast and save your property from structural damage.

Random Wet Spots

One of the more obvious signs of a water leak is random wet spots. When they're appearing on your walls or ceiling, it may be that they're coming from a source of water that's above the spot. Depending on what's causing the leak, they may also look brown or rusty.

It's sometimes the case that wet spots on your wall or ceiling aren't coming from a pipe, though. For example, during periods of heavy rainfall, they may appear below a chimney that hasn't been blocked off. The easiest way to tell is to use a water line leak detection service.

Loss of Water Pressure

When you're used to stepping into a fast-flowing shower that gets you clean in no time, losing pressure is frustrating. Rather than blaming the age of your equipment, you may want to query whether a leak is at fault.

Big leaks can reduce the amount of water that flows freely through your pipes at any one time. This also means the water can't flow through at its usual state of pressure. By allowing someone to fix the leak, you may find that your pressure returns to normal.

Garden Flooding

When rain is falling heavily, your garden should absorb most of it. If you all of a sudden find that pools of water start building rapidly and don't disappear for a while, it may be because your garden is already saturated by water from a leak.

In some cases, you may notice a sewer-like smell when the water pools. Either way, it's best to act fast and request that a plumber examines your pipes for leaks before the problem gets out of hand.

Strange Sounds

Sometimes a water leak will cause strange sounds that you can only hear in one part of your house. For example, whistling, hissing, gurgling, and banging are some of the possible sounds that can result from a leak. 

If you're noticing a strange sound, it may be because there's a leak in one of your water lines. Using a professional analysis, you can find the leak and hire a plumber with the skills to fix it.

With water line leak detection services, you can begin to address leaks before they become significant problems. By tackling a leak in its earlier phases, avoiding costly repairs is possible.