3 Modern Water Leak Detection Solutions for Residential Homes

Water leak detection is vital to the success of water systems today. Leaks that go undetected can cause immeasurable damage to property. Thanks to advancements in technology, one can easily detect leaks with little to no physical effort. However, things weren't always like that. The earliest methods used in detecting plumbing leaks were visual inspections, which weren't effective as some leaks occurred in hidden piping fixtures.

Today, various modern solutions have made leak detection easy and efficient. This piece will address three top leak detection solutions available for residential homes!

1. Basic Leak Detection Sensors

Leak detection sensors are like the smoke detectors of water. When water comes into contact with the sensor, it sounds an alarm to warn you. You can then shut off the water at the main valve and fix the leak. Leak detection sensors are available in two types:

  • Probe sensors used to detect small leaks in small areas such as near toilets, washing machines or water heaters
  • Cabled monitors used to identify potential leaks along plumbing pipes and in hidden plumbing fixtures

Leak detection sensors can be integrated with your phone to send alerts in the form of email, text or display alarm when there's a leak in the plumbing system. The only downside to these detection systems is that you have to shut off the water manually. 

2. Flow-Interrupter Leak Detection Systems

Flow-interrupter leak detectors are like an advanced version of leak detection sensors. In this case, you set a water flow limit for your plumbing system. If there is an excess flow of water beyond the preset limit (usually due to a leak), the detector senses this flaw and shuts off the water through a shut-off valve. It also detects temperature changes in the pipe to prevent burst pipes during the winter.

Additionally, the detector can also send a text message to your phone to inform you that a leak has occurred. Flow-interrupter systems are great options as they can save your home from water damage when you're away on vacation or at work. Since they notify you of a leak, you can contact a plumber immediately for repairs.

3. Integrated Leak Detection Systems

Integrated leak detection systems are excellent solutions for smart homes. If you have a smart home hub, you should consider adopting this tech. The leak detection systems are integrated into the alarms and app notifications in your home. When there's a leak in your plumbing system, the detector sounds an alarm and sends alerts through the existing hub.

When using this system, ensure the leak detector you choose is compatible with the smart hub in your home. This is because some leak detection sensors only work when connected to the same communication protocol. 

As you can see, leak detection systems have come a long way. With these advanced options, you can protect your home from the devastating effects of water leaks. Whatever system you choose, contact a plumber for proper installation.