3 Signs That Copper Pipes Are Affecting Your Hot Water

Sometimes, parts of your plumbing system and its materials can affect your hot water supply. For example, if you have older copper pipes or parts, then these can impact the quality of water you get out of your hot taps. How can you tell if your copper pipes are a problem? 1. Changes to Water Colour Damage or age in the inside of a copper pipe can affect the water the pipe supplies. Read More 

How Can Plumbing Services Companies Help With Poorly Draining Toilets?

There are many reasons that people require domestic plumbing services in Australia these days, but one of the most common is due to a toilet which is not draining properly. When you flush a toilet, all of the water from the cistern should pass through within seconds, taking the waste material in the bowl with it. However, a slowly draining toilet bowl indicates that there is a problem with your drains, and you will need professional plumbing services to resolve the problem. Read More