How Can Plumbing Services Companies Help With Poorly Draining Toilets?

There are many reasons that people require domestic plumbing services in Australia these days, but one of the most common is due to a toilet which is not draining properly. When you flush a toilet, all of the water from the cistern should pass through within seconds, taking the waste material in the bowl with it. However, a slowly draining toilet bowl indicates that there is a problem with your drains, and you will need professional plumbing services to resolve the problem. If you wait, then a partially blocked drain can eventually clog up completely. In such circumstances, foul water may start to overflow from your drains and could even get into your bathroom, causing thousands of dollars' worth of damage. What will a professional plumbing services company do to remedy the problem before it gets worse?

U-Bend Checks

One of the first things that your plumber should do for you is check whether you have a blockage in the U-bend of your toilet. These can sometimes disappear on their own accord, so flush your toilet several times to see whether it begins to drain normally. If not, then you will need a plumbing services operative to either pull the offending material back up to the bowl or shift it using a toilet plunger. These devices use a change in pressure to dislodge items that have gotten stuck in U-bends.

Rodding Drains

If there is no blockage in your actual toilet, then a poorly draining bowl will usually indicate that your drains have become partially blocked further down the system. A plumber can usually deal with this problem by rodding your drains for you. So long as there is an inspection pit close to the blockage, he or she will be able to push the rod down in order to force their way through the clogged-up material, thereby allowing water to flow freely once more.

Visual Inspections

If the use of pushrods has failed to make any difference, then you will need to inspect your drains fully to find out what is causing the problem. Perhaps a root from a nearby tree has damaged the underground wastewater pipe, for example. In such circumstances, most plumbing services companies will insert a camera into your drains for you and take a video of the blockage. This will allow you to identify the cause of the problem and get an estimate for any necessary repair work.