4 Telltale Signs Your Home Needs Emergency Plumbing Services

Often, homeowners call regular plumbing professionals because they want to. They might wish to install a newer appliance, need drain clean-up, and conduct system audits or maintenance. However, if they enlist emergency plumbing services, they might likely be experiencing a full-blown crisis that can't wait any longer. 

Generally, not all issues are plumbing emergencies. If your toilet blocks because you flushed excess toilet paper, consider picking the nearest plunger than calling in your plumber. However, if the issue is more intricate than it looks, like dirty brown water gushing out of your faucets, it's time to consult an emergency plumber. Here are four other signs you might require emergency plumbing services: 

Frozen Pipes

During winter, the temperature dips below freezing point, causing the water inside your pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes can impact water pressure from your taps or cause total blockage. Since ice undergoes expansion, frozen pipes can be a significant concern for your home. 

If your home plumbing system features old cast iron pipes, freezing might result in cracking. Consequently, your home might face the risk of foundation problems and flooding, which demands costly emergency repairs. 

Pungent Smells

Another sign that you need emergency plumbing services is when your drains emit a pungent smell or your taps produce smelly water. These odours might result from septic or sewer backup, which is often a significantly more severe problem than the odour itself. Additionally, decaying organic substances trapped in your drains, water heater or piping system might produce pungent smells.

Drainage Concerns 

Is your water not draining as required? This problem is common for most households and can stem from various causes. However, severe drainage problems might result from deep system clogs that are impossible to fix using a drain snake. Additionally, poor piping installation could lead to drainage issues until it's professionally fixed. While chemical drain cleaners might help fix this problem, hiring a professional emergency plumber can guarantee a lasting solution. 

Low Water Pressure 

If you experience a significant drop in water pressure from your faucets, this is a clear sign you've got a plumbing problem. Sadly, it's easier to overlook reduced water pressure and assume that this problem will rectify itself with time.  

However, reduced water pressure can stem from several causes that might not necessarily correct themselves. If you are experiencing this issue but it's not related to running several fixtures simultaneously, it's prudent to call your emergency plumber for professional inspections and repairs.