Catastrophic Leaks That Professional Leak Detection Services Will Find

When some homeowners think of water leaks in their homes, they assume that they will be dealing with an annoying tap that keeps dripping water. While this is not an uncommon occurrence, this is not the only type of leak that you should be wary of. In fact, more often than not, residential leaks can go undetected for a prolonged period and lead to disastrous consequences.

Catastrophic leaks, as implied by the name, can lead to extensive structural damage to your home so every homeowner must mitigate the risk of this happening by enlisting annual leak detection services. Check out the following different types of catastrophic leaks that professional leak detection services will detect.

The toilet's supply line is defective

One of the most underrated amenities in the home is the toilet. Yet, your toilet's plumbing plays a critical role in the overall functioning of your home's plumbing network. The moment its supply line becomes compromised, there are serval issues that will crop up in your house. To begin with, if the affected toilet is located on the upper levels of a multi-storey house, the leak will drip downwards and this means water damage to the subsequent floors that it is circulating through.

Secondly, when the toilet's supply line leak is left unchecked, the water will start to corrode the various metallic component's that make up the plumbing, from the pipes to the fittings, which can cause multiple uses with other plumbing amenities in your home. By hiring leak detection services, the technicians will carry out a comprehensive inspection that will identify the affected supply line and resolve the problem before it wreaks havoc in your home.

One of more pipes have burst 

The second common culprit of catastrophic leaks in residential properties is burst pipes. The reason why these types of leaks are commonplace in many residences is that they are caused by a multitude of reasons. First off, you may have developed a burst pipe in your home due to water freezing inside the affected pipe. This causes enough pressure to make it burst, which usually happens during the winter months.

The second reason why you may have a burst pipe is due to the encroachment of tree roots into underground pipes. Thirdly, the soil shifting around your home will lead to foundation movements and this can cause one or more pipes to burst due to sudden displacement. Considering how hard it is to foretell any of these causes of burst pipes in your home, it is crucial to enlist leak detection services to keep your residence protected from structural damage. Contact a leak detection service to learn more.