Do You Experience Blocked Drains Often? 3 Sure Preventive Measures to Stop It

Plumbing problems are diverse, and their impact on the integrity of your property can't be undermined. However, some of these problems, such as blocked drains, can be more annoying than others. Most drains get clogged or blocked at inopportune times and become a devastating nightmare to most homeowners. When your drains get clogged, you shouldn't deal with them if you don't have the skills because it's a delicate task. Instead, you should call in a plumber because they know the skills and tools required to handle the blocked drains. But since you don't want the drains to get blocked often, here are three simple measures you can take to prevent this problem.

Bathe Your Pet from Outside

No matter how clean you want your puppy to be, you should know that pet hair can block your drains in a big way. For this reason, you should avoid bathing your pet in the bathroom because a lot of its hair will go down the drain. Most of the homeowners who understand this concept bathe their pets outdoors. If it's too cold to bathe it from outside, ensure you place a mesh screen or perhaps a piece of cloth over the shower drain to ensure the pet hair doesn't go down the drain. Then, ensure you toss the hair on the mesh screen into the garbage can. 

Use the Sinks Properly

You shouldn't use the sinks in your home as a garbage can. If you do, your drains will get blocked often, and this might be more annoying. Many drains get blocked often because the homeowners don't use their toilets or sinks properly. Always ensure you pour the leftover food in the garbage can and not in the sink. Likewise, don't let grease or even excess soap into the sink because they will eventually block the drains. Where possible, always consider the size and composition of what you want to put down the sink.

Call in a Plumber to Inspect Your Drains Regularly

Most homeowners neglect their drains simply because they don't see them every time. Most of them actually think about the drains only when they are blocked. Among the ways you can use to avoid blocked drains, getting a plumber to inspect the drains routinely is the most effective. When a plumber inspects the drains regularly, they get to know if the drains should be cleaned and also identify what may have blocked them. With regular professional inspections, you can be sure your drains would always be clean.

No one expects their drains to be blocked, but it happens anyway. However, it's a problem that simple preventive measures, such as those above, can help you avoid. But if some of your drains get blocked, don't try to clean or unclog them yourself; leave them to an experienced plumber.

If you have blocked drains right now, reach out to a local plumber.