5 Incredible Benefits of Installing a Pool Heat Pump

Pool heat pumps are an excellent heating option for you. A heat pump uses ambient air and electricity to heat up your pool water. The warmer the air temperature, the faster and better it's going to work for you. Here are 5 reasons why a pool heat pump is a great investment. 

Energy Efficiency

A pool heat pump is among the most energy-efficient options available when it comes to pool heating. Unlike other heating options, it generates heat from ambient air. Gas heaters burn fuel and electric heaters use electricity. A pool heat pump harvests heat from the air around it.

This is not to say that the heat pump doesn't use electricity. It uses some electricity to power the fan along with a compressor that pulls in hot air and converts it into heat energy, transferring it into the water. However, the amount of energy used with the pool heat pump is tiny in comparison to other methods. 


Pool heat pumps have lower operating costs compared to systems whose running is based on combustion. The higher the energy efficiency, the more the heating system saves on energy. 

You can buy a gas heater at a cheaper price. However, a look at the bigger picture reveals that the heat pool pump is the cheaper alternative. While your heat pool pump costs more upfront, you'll come to appreciate its low energy consumption. 


When you use a gas heater, you're relying solely on fuel combustion. For them to produce heat, they have to burn heat continually, a process that comes with environmental consequences in the form of carbon dioxide emissions. The pool heat pump uses minimal electricity to harvest ambient heat from the air and doesn't need to burn any fuel. It produces no carbon emissions, thus reducing your home's carbon footprint. 


Pool heat pumps are among the longest-lasting pool heating solutions out there. Proper maintenance and service will increase a heat pump's longevity. With a pool heat pump, your investment will have a long lifespan while giving you the benefits of energy savings, savings, and eco-friendliness. In a rare instance that your pump needs repairs, call your pool heat pump supplier. 

Provide Cooling

During warm periods, your pool heat pump can reverse the heating process. This means that it can act as an AC unit would. Pool heat pumps can also be conveniently switched during summer.

Pool heat pumps are an excellent pool heating solution. A pool heat pump is a worthy investment that will serve you for a long time. 

To learn more, contact a pool heat pump supplier.