Blunders That Lead to Plumbing Emergencies

Although all homeowners rely on the plumbing system to get rid of wastewater, many often misuse the system. This creates issues that lead to plumbing emergencies. Taking time to learn how a plumbing system works or how to use it can increase its longevity and effectiveness for longer. Moreover, you won't need to hire an emergency plumber regularly — you'll only call them to service the system from time to time, which will lessen your expenses over the years. Below are common mistakes you shouldn't make if you want to prevent plumbing emergencies.

Flushing wrong things down the toilet

One of the primary misconceptions homeowners have today is thinking that they can flush anything down the toilet. Your toilet is designed to handle poop, pee, and toilet paper only. Any other form of waste you may have shouldn't be allowed to go down the drain, including wet wipes, paper, diapers, sanitary towels and so on. These items create blockages in the sewage system, and before you know it, your wastewater will start backing up — the only thing that will save you is to hire an emergency plumber. Therefore, flush the right things to avoid toilet clogs.

Unblocking the drain with drain cleaners

For years, most homeowners have been using drain cleaners to fix their drains when blockages occur. While using a chemical cleaner may help you fix the problem quickly, the contents of the cleaner will eat away the pipes, leading to issues like plumbing leaks. The only remedy to these leaking pipes is to replace the entire sewage system with new piping, a project that will cost you more money. You can avoid all these unnecessary expenses by hiring a plumber to fix clogged drains instead of using chemical cleaners. The expert will not only unclog the system but also share tips on how to prevent clogs.

Handling all plumbing issues on your own

The availability of DIY videos online has made most homeowners believe that they can fix everything in their homes, including the plumbing system. The truth is that certain repair issues should only be handled by a professional plumber. If you opt to DIY, you will create bigger problems than what you were dealing with initially, and still call the plumber. Plumbers are trained and experienced and will rectify the issue without causing further damage. Therefore, it's better to get expert assistance from the beginning to save time and money and increase the longevity of the plumbing system.

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