Evaluating the Need for a Plumbing Emergency

An emergency plumber is one who is available on call 24 hours a day. Emergency plumbers offer great convenience, but their service charges may be higher. There are several categories of residential plumbing problems, some of which are not necessarily emergencies.

The question that a large number of homeowners often have is whether their plumbing problem is an emergency or is simply a regular plumbing problem. This article provides a few factors that can help you determine when you need emergency plumbing services.

Health-Related Factors

The first thing you should consider when determining whether a plumbing issue is an emergency is the potential health risks of not having the plumbing issue fixed as soon as possible. A good example of this is a toilet that won't flush, one that flushes really slowly or one that easily overflows every time you flush.

Problematic toilets are considered a plumbing emergency because they present the risk of exposure to fecal bacteria, such as E. coli, which are known to cause many health complications. They are a plumbing emergency due to the negative impact on the state of sanitation in your residential dwelling. Thus, you should not hesitate to call in an emergency plumber if you have a problematic toilet. It is definitely a plumbing emergency.

Factors Related to Cost

You can also determine whether a plumbing issue is an emergency by considering the potential financial cost of not having the issue fixed as soon as possible. For example, water leaks in a residential basement are definitely a plumbing emergency. This is because they expose your basement and the foundation of your house to the risk of water damage.

Consider how much it would cost if you have to undertake water damage restoration in the residential basement or the foundation of your house. It is definitely much more expensive than calling an emergency plumber to fix the leakage long before any such damage occurs to your basement or foundation.

If a plumbing issue presents the risk of even greater damage, the cost implications of further damage qualify such an issue as a plumbing emergency.

Your Neighbours

A plumbing problem should also be considered an emergency if it affects more than just your household. For example, the bursting of drainage pipes is a plumbing emergency because it has the potential to affect your neighbours by flooding their yard.

For more information, contact emergency plumbers in your area.