Why You Should Consider Stainless Steel Floor Wastes for Your Residential Building

Are you constructing a residential building that requires the installation of floor wastes? Floor wastes facilitate proper discharge of water in wet areas, such as the bathrooms and laundry rooms of the building. By preventing spilled water from stagnating on floors, these fixture traps help to prevent flooding in buildings, falls due to wet floors and potential water damage to a building, which can be expensive to repair.

There are a wide variety of floor waste options available to you. Each option has unique qualities that make it suitable for use as floor drains. However, some options easily stand out in the crowd, owing to the fantastic benefits they deliver. One such option is stainless steel floor wastes.

Read on to find out why these floor wastes are a top choice for residential builders and building owners alike.

Easy to Sanitise

Floors usually harbour a lot of dirt and germs from the traffic they receive every day. The floors in wet areas, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, are no exception. 

All the gunk and germs from the human body and dirty clothes are discharged through the floor wastes. If the floor wastes can't be cleaned easily, then they can trap disease-causing bacteria.

Stainless steel floor wastes are a popular choice among home builders and owners because they can be cleaned with minimal effort, thus keeping wet areas clean and hygienic. 

Long-Term Durability

One of the worst enemies of most metals is water and moisture. These two elements can cause many metals to rust and corrode, thus reducing their performance and service life. Stainless steel is one of the few metals that doesn't rust when exposed to wetness.

Thanks to its high chromium content, it reacts readily with chromium to form a layer of chromium oxide, which protects the substrate steel from rust and corrosion. This inherent resistance to rust and corrosion makes stainless steel the perfect material for fabricating floor wastes.


The durability and low maintenance requirements of stainless steel floor drains make the drains a cost-effective option over the long term. You can make significant cost savings by not having the need to replace your drains often and by not having to spend lots of money on cleaning supplies throughout your drains' lifespan.

Impressive Aesthetics 

Another great reason why stainless steel floor wastes are revered is their exquisite beauty. These floor drains provide a clean, industrial look that can blend in nicely with the style of almost any residential property.

For enquiries about stainless steel floor wastes, talk to an expert today!