Signs Its Time to Repair Your Hot Water System

If you have installed a hot water system in your home or commercial property (a hotel or apartment building), experiencing a no-hot-water situation can be devastating. Hot water is required for showers to clean dishes, among other tasks. Since a piece of mechanical equipment is used to heat the water, it can fail at some point, and that's when you'll need hot water system repair services.

The good news is that you don't have to wait until the equipment fails to repair or replace it. Knowing early signs of the heating system failure enables you to take the necessary measures to prevent a crisis in your home or commercial property. Some of these detection signs are outlined below.

Weird sounds

Has your heating system been making knocking, banging or popping noises lately? Ignoring such noises is a mistake since they're caused by water that's confined under a sediment layer. Once the heater is turned on, the water is heated, and it bubbles up in an attempt to escape. Be sure to contact a hot water system repair technician right away to get the repairs done. Otherwise, you will be forced to endure the noise, and soon enough, the system will break down.

Inadequate water supply

Each hot water heating system is designed to provide certain quantities of water at a time. However, if you fail to flush the tank often, mineral deposits will settle at the bottom of the tank, making it difficult for the system to provide enough water. So if you have noticed that the heater doesn't provide as much hot water as it usually does, you should hire an expert to check it out before the issue becomes unmanageable. Moreover, waiting until the system breaks down will cost you more.


Are the pipe fittings attached to your water heater corroded? Corrosion on the piping system reveals that there is water leakage. When water leaks, the mineral deposits in the water seep out through the pipe connections and then create corrosion. If the pipes aren't sealed right away, the heater will struggle to meet your needs and eventually fail. If you are using an electric heater, corrosion will cause electrical shock.

So, don't delay the repairs even if the leak gets sealed on its own. Corrosion along the bottom part of the tank or on the pipe fittings shows that your heater will fail soon. In fact, you might be forced to replace the entire system if you don't contact a hot water system repair expert immediately.