Warning Signs That You Need Hot Water System Repair in Your Home

Hot water is essential in many households. From washing the dishes to hot showers, it is evident that hot water systems have to work hard almost every time you open the faucets in your home.

Just like most systems in your home, hot water systems require regular maintenance to stay in good condition. During the maintenance routine, the experts will detect any emerging issues and fix them before the entire system breaks down. However, you must watch out for signs of hot water system damage between the regular maintenance appointments.

Your hot water system could be in need of a repair if you notice any of the following signs:

Rusty Water

Rusty water is one of the obvious signs of a rusting water heater. Here is how to tell if your hot water system is rusting. Turn on both cold and hot water faucets. If the water heater is rusted, the water coming from the hot water faucet will have a rusty look, but the water from the cold water faucet will be clear.

However, the rust could be emerging from the pipes and not the water heater. To rule that out, drain a few buckets of hot water from your water heater. If the water still looks rusty even after draining about two buckets of hot water, then the water heater is at fault and not the pipes. At this point, you will need an urgent hot water system repair. Otherwise, the rusting issue will quickly lead to leak problems.

Unusual Sounds

It can be irritating to have popping sounds come from your shower head. Besides being annoying, these weird sounds can be an indication that your hot water system needs repair. Watch out for unusual sounds such as knocking, banging and popping. Such noises are mostly caused by water trapped inside a system.

The pipes might not be able to withstand the pressure that could be building as a result of the trapped water. The best thing to do is to turn off the main water valve and call a hot water system repair professional as soon as possible.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in your hot shower is a sign that something could be wrong with the water heating system. The low water pressure is mostly a result of mineral deposits that have built up, blocking the water pipes.

However, mineral deposit accumulation is not the only thing that can lead to low hot water pressure. Hire the services of a professional to rule out any possibilities of having blockages in your hot water system pipes.